Rector of University

A significant contribution to the development of university rectors made ​​it :
Professor Ivan Savitsky (1945-1947) , graduated from the Odessa Medical Institute, the first rector of the first head of the regional health department and the first head of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry ;
Associate Professor Alex Sushko Ovksentiyovych (1947-1948) – a graduate of Kiev Medical Institute , assistant professor of human anatomy. Institute Associate Rector A. Sushko was arrested , dismissed from all his posts for connection to the underground UPA;
Associate Professor Yuri Antonov, G. (1949-1951) – a graduate of the Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute , assistant professor of surgery hospital in the future – a professor , a famous scientist and surgeon ;
Professor Lavryk Semen Semenovich (1952-1953) – a graduate of Vinnitsa Medical Institute in the future – Rector of the Medical University ;
Academician Georgy Ovksentiyovych Babenko – (1954-1980) – a graduate of Donetsk Medical Institute, founder of the school of biochemical , author of 350 scientific papers, 4 books , produced 32 doctors and more than 170 candidates. Over 40 years – the supervisor of the laboratory ” Trace elements in medicine “;
Professor Anatoly L. Dekhtyar – graduated from Odessa Medical Institute , led the medical school from 1980 to 1987.

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