Professors of University

At certain stages of the University important contribution to its development and consolidation made ​​by such scholars :
Professor Ara Harahash’yan Armenakovych – Armenian organizer and participant in the fight against endemic goiter in the Carpathian region ;
Professor Sergei Verkhratskiy Prokhorchuk – Head of Department of Hospital Surgery , famous scientific papers on the history of medicine and surgery ;
Honored Scientist , winner of the Prize. V. Vorobiev , MD , Professor Efim Petrovich Melman , author of 250 scientific papers , 6 books, which produced 58 doctors and candidates of medical sciences, founder morphological School University;
known in Ukraine and abroad abdominal surgeon Professor Seniutovych Vasily Fedorovich ;
Nestor Seredyuk cardiologist Academician ;
Professor Larissa Kovalchuk , who started at the university medical and genetic research;
Honored Doctor of Ukraine , an experienced clinician , professor of Lubomir Glushko
Professor Mikhail Shevchuk, Stephen Genyk , Michael Vasylyuk Igor Vakalyuk .
Many graduates are now working in other universities, scientific centers of Ukraine:
Professor Nikolai Kuzmich Furqan – honored scientist, Chair, former director of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Cardiology. MD Strazhesko .
in the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery is MD, Professor Michael Atamanyuk – the world famous heart surgeon .
Professor Leonid D. Tondiy heads the department of physical therapy at the Kharkov Institute of Advanced Training of Physicians ,
Professor Vladimir Kopchak continues the tradition of Academician AA Shalimova in Ukrainian Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery .
Professor Nestor S. Verkhratskiy – Fellow of the Institute of Gerontology of Ukraine.
Today appeared galaxy young scientists such as Roman Yatsyshyn , Ivan Titov Vitaliy Herelyuk Natalia Virstyuk John bruises, Igor Shevchuk, Vadim Sulima , Z. Ozhohan Nikolai Ostrovsky and many others.

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