Material & Technical Base

Material and technical base allows the University to fully ensure the training of specialists in all faculties . The university has seven basic academic buildings that per student is 14.8 m2, university clinic , teaching students is also on the clinical departments , which are located at the bases of clinical health care settings , Ivano -Frankivsk , Ivano- Frankivsk region. For educational and research purposes is the research base with total area of ​​1209 m2, which includes university vivarium with a usable area of ​​642 m2. In it are experimental laboratories and operating rooms theoretical and clinical departments of the university. Research ( histological, electron , biochemical , etc.). Laboratories and operating rooms are at the basis of most departments. In 2002 he opened the reconstructed building of the Faculty of Pharmacy , which contains the Department of Pharmacy and Chemistry. The total area of ​​Hull Faculty of Pharmacy 4500 m2, per student Faculty of Pharmacy is – 40.8 m2.

In addition, on balance University are educational pharmacy area
270 m2; Library – 950m2 , sports hall and gym , equipped with necessary equipment , pool.

The university actively promoted computerization of educational process , for which the university departments used more than 500 personal computers. The vast majority of teaching rooms and lecture audiences of various departments equipped with modern technical facilities . A 5 computer classes and one general university computer information and computer center .

Personal computer labs with the Department of Medical Informatics, Medical and Biological Physics , Anatomy, Physiology , Social Medicine and WHS , operative surgery and topographic anatomy of the others.

Fixing the practical skills acquired by students during practical classes and independent work , is in production practice . University specialists developed work programs of practical training for students of medical, dental, pharmacy faculty and faculty of foreign nationals . Practical training takes place in the University Hospital , the clinical bases of medical institutions of Ivano -Frankivsk , Ivano -Frankivsk region , the leading pharmaceutical companies, regional and local pharmacies, educational practice of Pharmacognosy held at the botanical garden (Ivano- Frankivsk) and scientific and industrial base ( Yaremcha ).

To improve the availability of the educational process Ukrainian- textbooks and teaching materials research and the university operates its own printing press.

The library , which is a real scientific, informational , cultural and educational department of the University include: service department , acquisition and processing of literature , reference and bibliographic information . Department of User Services is the largest division of the library. It offers readers two tickets , the central reading room , reading room of Ukrainian studies , reading rooms hostel № 1 , № 3 and № 4. Total area of the library is more than 1200 m2. the literature is free . Paid services do not exist.

In a University students Regional Scientific Medical Library , Regional State Scientific Library . Ivan Franko.a

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