Learning Environment

learning environment

1. Libraries

Library of Ivano-Frankivsk yfwsjyfkmyjuj Medical University has more than half-century history – began operations in 1945.

Library fund diversified and has more than 315,000 copies of literature. In 5000 the library readers , including 3,600 students. Every year it is visited by approximately 170 thousand users. Library occupies 1200 m2 area. The library operates 29 workers at 27.0 ponds. Site Library http://ifnmulibrary.samomu.ru/.

Structure of the library:

- Service department ;

- Department acquisition and processing literature;

- Bibliographic and information department .

Customer service department is the largest division of the library. It offers the reader two tickets , the central reading room , reading room of Ukrainian studies , reading rooms hostel : № 1-2, № 3 , № 4.


- Scientific and educational subscriptions, Halytska 7a :

daily from 8.00-19.00

Weekend : Saturday and Sunday ;

- The central reading room Halytska 7a

daily from 8.00-19.00

Sunday: 11.00-17.00

off : Saturday ;

- Reading Room foreign literature street . Galician 7a

daily from 8.00-19.00

Weekend : Saturday and Sunday ;

- Reading Room of the Department of Ukrainian street . Galician , 2

daily from 11.00-19.00

Weekend : Saturday and Sunday ;

- Reading Room group . № 1-2 str. Trolleybus 10

daily from 11.00-19.00

Weekend : Saturday and Sunday ;

- Reading Room group . Number 3 st. Mazepa , 171

daily from 13.00-19.00

Weekend : Saturday and Sunday ;

- Reading Room group . № 4 st. Pivd.bulvar , 32b

daily from 14.00-20.00

Weekend : Saturday and Sunday ;

Every day subscription services and the reading room to about 350 users. Literature is free . Paid services do not exist. Reference Books issued for teaching and scientific literature for a period of 15 days. Readers Library , which lost book replacement is carried out according to the rules of the library and the rector , the replacement is carried out according to the publication of a book once , 10 -fold and 30- fold.

Department acquisition and processing of literature dealing with the formation and registration of funds. In this paper, we use all sources of recruitment : bookstores, direct contact with publishers and authors, books donation . The Foundation is constantly updated with new literature , which processed , systematized and described for card and electronic catalog . The department is open 8 to 17 hours. Weekends: Saturday – Sunday

Reference and Bibliographic Department is a center of information. Department made ​​sure steps towards automation and computerization. The transition to electronic cataloging documents , development of proprietary databases has greatly empowerment, enrichment of information resource. Much is being done to bibliographic information and support the learning process of continuing education. This work takes place in close cooperation with teachers and students.

Underway to inform teachers and students in the Department of Information Days . In support educational and scientific processes section concludes and gives reference lists of literature.

As being increased pace of life growing library need for immediate thoughts and experience. This led to a discussion of methodological associations of libraries of higher education institutions in Ivano- Frankivsk.

To provide prompt friendly printed in reading rooms themed book exhibitions and reviews of literature. Library takes part in conferences , seminars and teaching unions.

It offers visitors the library during the 2008-2009 school year organized 51 medical book exhibition , 27 – sociopolitical , 19 literature reviews, conducted 4 literary evenings, debate , discuss books, oral magazine readership conference. There has been a tradition the Days of departments in which scientists are able to read the literature on the profile of the department and of teachers IFNMU in meaningful dialogue with the library staff to obtain comprehensive data on the information capacity of the library , acquisition fund and the use of textbooks on the subjects assigned to the Department of . Last year, staff training and research organized 6 lift tickets such measures.

Traditional subject directory and file cabinets complemented by an electronic catalog that fully plays all kinds of media : books , articles , periodicals, abstracts . Electronic catalog provides multidimensional search: by author, title , UDC types of documents. During 2009, employees bibliography department in an electronic database included 7629 titles of journal articles from periodicals of various branches of medicine.

Information and Automation of library processes positively perceived by users that mark responsiveness , accessibility and comfortable working with data. Particular attention is paid to new media literature coming into the library. During the 2009-2010 academic year conducted 11 days of information which presents the 1939 copies of literature, attended 1009 users ( faculty , doctors, masters, graduate students).

Successful information provision contributes to the process of education and self-education, stimulates the process of acquiring knowledge.

2. Teaching and laboratory facilities .

Information Technology Center , Str. Galician 7a

Schedule daily from 8 to 18 hours .

Weekend Saturday and Sunday

Has 15 employees. In Information Computing Center , providing all the processes of computing, which has 15 and the respective applications with Internet access . Customer Service resource online. Creating a virtual web- page publications , and their scientific processing . Formation and supported by the use of electronic resources web- publications will be the basis for establishing a national fund distribution of electronic documents , which is one of the most important objectives of the National Program of Informatization of Ukraine.

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