History of University

Ivano- Frankivsk National Medical University (then Stanislavski State Medical Institute ) was founded October 6, 1945 . At that time, the institute there were 395 students and 47 teachers, of whom there were only a few doctors and candidates of sciences, theoretical and operated 14 2 clinical departments .
The team quickly joined the Institute in teaching , research and clinical work and after 10 years in high school were 12 professors, doctors , and the number of students exceeds 1000. The Institute has earned as a pedagogical , scientific, medical , cultural and educational center of the region.
Subsequently, the university has identified medical , dental, pharmaceutical faculty and faculty of postgraduate education, and since 1994 also prepares family physicians , teaches foreign students , conducts pre- training of specialists.
Since 1945 trained more than 16,000 doctors, 5,000 of them work in the field .

The first medical school in Ivano-Frankivsk was in 1945. Then he called Stanislavsky Medical Institute . At the time of independence in 1992, the Institute became the Academy , and in 2008 he gets the status of a national university. Medical University in Ivano-Frankivsk part of the best educational institutions of Ukraine.

At the time of its inception, the Institute consisted of about four hundred fifty students and teachers. It consisted of 16 chairs , 2 of which were clinical. The main building of the Medical University occupies four- storey building built in 1894 to accommodate Stanislav railway directorate. The construction of this imposing stone building height of four storeys were held in just one year. This project developed a tenement known architect Ernest Baudish . In terms of the brick building is shaped like a square, its magnificent facade decorated with stucco . The facade of the first floor rustovyy and windows half – cylindrical. On the facade of the second and third floors are separated rods , and the windows are square .

The walls of this building remembers many institutions, so in 1914 Kamenica enjoyed Directorate of Railways , then in 1921 there was a magistrate from 1935 to 1939 the building took control of Stanislavsky province . The last organization that occupied the building until the transfer of its medical school, was treasury chamber Stanislaus.


Ivano- Frankivsk National Medical University was founded October 6, 1945 as Stanislavski State Medical Institute. By the time the Institute , there were 395 students and 47 teachers, of whom there were only a few doctors and candidates of sciences, theoretical and operated 14 2 clinical departments . The staff of the Institute keenly involved in teaching , research and clinical work , and in 10 years it employed 12 professors and doctors, and the number of students exceeded 1,000 . The Institute has earned as a pedagogical , scientific, medical , cultural and educational center of the region. Over time, enhanced physical infrastructure of the Institute, it became more distinct profile of its clinics. The university has a medical , dental, pharmaceutical faculty and faculty of postgraduate education, and since 1994 also prepares family physicians , teaches foreign students , conducts pre- trained doctors of different specialties. The University has the right to pre-university and university training of foreign nationals. Improve student learning and professional training of doctors performed 51 department. The training process is carried out 73 doctors and 231 candidates of sciences. Among university scientists 6 academicians, 6 Honoured Scientists of Ukraine , 2 Honoured workers of higher educational institutions of Ukraine , 2 State Prize of Ukraine . The University is a national database of student competition on anatomy. With student science club started climbing in science Honored Scientists of Ukraine renowned cardiologist in the Carpathian region – Nestor Seredyuk Academician , Professor Larissa Kovalchuk , who started at the University of medical and genetic research, Honored Doctor of Ukraine , an experienced clinician , professor of Lubomir Glushko , Professor Michael Shevchuk, Stephen Genyk , Michael Vasylyuk Igor Vakalyuk . Such as they successfully solve the problem of educating our young people and to know the depth of science.
During the years of productive work teams of the University made ​​a significant contribution to the treasury of Ukrainian medical science and health care organization in the territory of the region. Since 1945 has trained more than 16 thousand doctors , 5 thousand of them working in our area. Thanks practitioners prykarpattsiv life is one of the largest in Ukraine . Only in recent years about 200 effective scientific developments , innovations and medical diagnostic technologies transferred to practical public health. Thanks to the University established and operate regional centers : pankreatolohichnyy , pacing , occupational diseases, antihypertensive and diabetic clubs. Quality medical care to patients of the city and the region is given researchers at the University for 40 specialties. About 40 % of operations performed in hospitals of the city staff of higher education. You have successfully specialized academic council D 20.601.01 three specialties: cardiology, gastroenterology and dentistry. During the last year defended 20 theses, including 3 doctorates . Retrieved 14 positive solutions for inventions, 5 patents , including patents Ukraine 4 and 1 Yevropatent (for test system bioindicators of radioactive contamination of the environment). More than 70 people at work on the master and 35 – doctoral dissertations in the planning stages 27 doctoral and master’s theses.
A significant contribution to the development of the University made ​​its rector : Professor I. Savitsky (1945-1947) , Assistant Professor AA Sushko (1947-1948) , Associate Professor JG Antonov (1949-1951) , Professor S. Lavryk (1952-1953) , Academician GA Babenko (1954-1980) , Professor AL Dekhtyar (1980-1987) , Academician EM Neiko (1987-2010) , Professor L. Glushko ( acting in 2010) . Since 2011 , the University headed by Professor M. Rozhko . Many university graduates are now working in other universities, scientific centers of Ukraine. Among them – Nikolai Kuzmich Furqan Professor , Honored Scientist , Head of Department , former director of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Cardiology named after ND Strazhesko . In the Ukrainian Research Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery is MD, Professor Michael Atamanyuk – the world famous heart surgeon . Professor Leonid D. Tondiy chair for Physiotherapy in Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies , and Professor Vladimir Kopchak continues a proud tradition of Academician AA Shalimova in Ukrainian Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery . Professor Nestor S. Verkhratskiy – Fellow of the Institute of Gerontology AMS Ukraine . These scientists and many others are the glory of the University outside of it , as the TG Shevchenko: “Come on, further fame and glory – my commandment .” Holy commandments home university and glory is recognized by people.
In connection with the requirements of joining the Bologna Process came into effect Wonderland and grown up in the soul of a university hospital – Clinical center University. Reason designers, builders hands and sincere hearts university employees built the palace . The University maintains professional contacts with the World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Associations , management Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, Lublin Medical Academy , universities in Germany, Austria, Poland, all the higher medical educational establishments of Ukraine . University scientists are members of , and science labs – the basis of many national and international congresses and symposia. A prolific areas of functioning laboratory biochemical ecology , ” Trace elements in medicine” , electron microscopic , immune-enzyme , prosthetic dental laboratory . University scientists involved in the development of scientific government programs 4 , 56 works of applied nature in international multicenter studies. Rector of the University , along with council Ukrainian Medical Association became the founders of the magazine ” Galician drug Gazette” , along which successfully operates scientific journal “Archives of Clinical Medicine .” Pays special attention to the development and dissemination of establishment of new educational technologies : created 3 new classes of computer training , Internet access reached the library , research and teaching departments of the University. Active versatile educational robot. In the dormitories , academic groups worked mentoring system in extracurricular time students are engaged in the circles of amateur, club operates resourceful and inventive . Three teams of amateur awarded the title People . To revive traditions is room aesthetics. University Museum “Medicine Carpathian ” is located in the new building. Rector of the University promotes physical hardening students. The structure consists of a great school health rehabilitation facility and recreational camps on the Black Sea in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains .
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Ivano -Frankivsk National Medical University. Preparation for the profession “Pharmacy” in Ivano- Frankivsk National Medical University began in 1999 with the initiative of the then rector, academician of AMS Ukraine EM Neiko . Thanks to his enthusiasm and creative energy in a short period of university ranked prominently in a cohort of educational institutions that train specialists in the pharmaceutical industry.
The first Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy was appointed Professor A. Klimenko . Later in this position was replaced by Assistant Professor A. Stets’kiv . Since 2005, as Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy embraces Professor MI Moyseenko .
Over 11 years of educational efforts of the Faculty of Pharmacy of administration ( Rector – Academician EM Neiko NAMS of Ukraine , Vice-Chancellor – Professor L. Glushko, Vice-Rector for Research – Professor NM Seredyuk , rector of a chore – Associate A . S. Dmytrenko ) established adequate financial , educational , and scientific basis for the preparation of high-quality professionals to the pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine. In 2002 he built up a separate body of pharmaceutical faculty , educational- industrial pharmacy , teaching and research in the field Tysmenytsya area of educational research and research areas adjacent to the school building areas , educational and industrial base “Arnica ” in Kalush. In a short time formed a faculty equipped classrooms and laboratories , educational- methodical complexes in all disciplines taken to the credit- modular system of training.
The faculty , along with day functioning correspondence . Total number of students per faculty – 965 (including – 452 full-time and 513 part-time education ). During his time faculty by 7 issues for the profession “Pharmacy” a total of 690 who received the qualification ” Pharmacist “. Produced by a number of masters of pharmacy.
In Ivano- Frankivsk National Medical University to prepare pharmacists occurs at 19 departments. Among the teachers of the department – 24 doctors and 82 candidates of medical sciences. Producing departments of the Faculty are : Department of Pharmacy, headed by Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor AR Hrytsyk and Department of Clinical Pharmacy courses Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology , headed by MD, Professor IG Kupnovytska . For 5 years at the department, which provides education in the pharmaceutical department, defended 7 doctoral and 20 master’s theses. Department of Pharmacy and others actively working on inter-industry program ” Dietary supplements of plant origin ( dietary supplements ) ” as part of the State program ” Health of the Nation .” Completed technological development of biologically active substances and products on their basis of raw artichoke and other plants in the Carpathian region. Among them – a unique, proven in practice, preventive medications , and new health care drinks and food. Based on plant Carpathians Doctor of Pharmacy, professor AR Hrytsyk developed a series of infusions ” Gentiana “, ” Kalgan “, ” Rumeks .” Also made ​​a number of herbal elixirs ” Carpathian “, ” Mountain valley “, ” Hutsul “, which is a composition of extracts of plant material in the Carpathian region and the Far East. Scientists departments offered a series of verbal balm ” Balm Mamchur “, ” Pearl of the Carpathians “, ” Ancient Halych” with natural juices and infusions of plant material in the Carpathian region with original taste, composition and properties. More than 10 departments Ivano -Frankivsk National Medical University is a clinical database of the State Pharmacological Center MoH Ukraine . Each year, scientists at the University conducting clinical efficacy and safety of drugs 20-25 mostly domestic production.

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