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State university “Ivano- Frankivsk National Medical University” ( 1945 – Stanislavski State Medical Institute in 1963 – Ivano -Frankivsk State Medical Institute in 1994 – Ivano -Frankivsk State Medical Academy, 2005 – State Higher school ” Ivano- Frankivsk State Medical University”, which the Decree of President of Ukraine from 27.11.2008 , № 1096/ 2008 granted national status , was founded October 7, 1945 at the 2nd Kharkov Medical Institute after its redeployment in Ivano- Frankivsk ( Stanislav former ) to meet the extremely urgent need for medical personnel in the Stanislavsky and neighboring areas.

The University operates on the basis of state ownership and subordinated to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine . For more than 65 years, the Ivano- Frankivsk National Medical University has produced more than 23,000 physicians.

According to the State Accreditation Committee of 04 June 2009, protocol number 78, Ivano- Frankivsk National Medical University accredited by a recognized accreditation levels .

At present, the university has five faculties : medical , dental , pharmacy, of foreign nationals , postgraduate education , preparatory courses for foreign students and College of Medicine. Masters are trained medical specialty ” General Medicine “, ” Pediatrics”, ” Dental “, Master of Pharmacy specialty “Pharmacy” , experts in the specialties , ” medicine” , “Pediatrics “, ” Dental “, specialists and full-time distance learning specialty “Pharmacy ” and junior specialists in the field of ” medicine ( paramedic )”, ” Nursing” and ” orthopedic dentistry .”

Postgraduate training is conducted with 30 majors , pre- preparation – from 23 medical specialties .

Training in SHEE “Ivano- Frankivsk National Medical University ” provides faculty in number 597 people, of which: Doctors – 80 professors – 71 candidates – 366 professors – 187 PA – 346. Among university teachers – 22 full members of public academies, Academy of Higher Education – 3 teachers Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences – 1 Professor, New York Academy of Sciences – 2 employees. Permanent member of the European Association of Clinical Pharmacology is a teacher. The teaching process and scientific work carried out 9- Honoured Scientist of Ukraine, 1 – Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, 1 – Honored Worker of Ukraine , 1 – Zaluzhenym employee pharmacy Ukraine , 1 Honoured worker with 2 laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in field of “Medical science” , 13 th Honoured Doctor of Ukraine .

derjnav-zakl-i-v-nac-med-univer-e1293450458838 In 1945 Stanislav medical school , there were 16 departments, today the university has 58 faculties and 6 courses. University departments are equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities , which enables high- methodical and scientific level to train 5,380 students (including 808 foreigners ) and an intern in 1281 .

Since 2002, the university for the first time in Ukraine introduced a new form of state certification of graduates – practically- oriented state exam. With the introduction of innovative technologies each year institution receives title winner of various national and international educational exhibitions.

To implement a quality educational process at the University created the appropriate infrastructure with appropriate material and technical base that meets the applicable requirements. Material and technical base of the university has 30 buildings with a total area of ​​81188 m2, which are used for teaching and laboratory , as well as various ancillary purposes.

A network of facilities catering students: dining , cafes , buffets and to maintain good physical condition of students and staff of the institution becomes an indispensable aid – sports complex.

Medical University has 4 dormitories, a floor area of ​​23,801 m2. Based hostel number 4 in 2005 during the reconstruction of teaching and research medical center ” university clinic ” area of ​​2 618 m2.

At the university , there are 507 computers ( 26 computer classes).

Logistical support university meets modern requirements and supports the development of all pidrozdiliv.Osoblyvoho University has undergone in recent years: commissioned a number of new buildings and facilities on the complex reconstruction of a total cost of 7.25 million USD. In 1999 he opened a pharmacy department , and in 2004 his correspondence department . A new building for the Faculty of Pharmacy 400 people total area of ​​4572.0 m2. For the purposes of this faculty Yaremche purchased the former buildings of the resort , on the basis of which is created and functions instructive recreation base “Arnica” and privatized land area of ​​1.25 hectares. Open mini printing press , information and computer center . Capacity own printing capacity is 2.02 million sheets / year. Completing the construction of operating housing with the completion of the functional department at Regional Hospital , which will house clinical departments of the university and surgical diagnostic center for existing clinics.

In 2005, open research and diagnostic medical department of the University “university hospital ” to 60 beds.

Educational activities of the university aimed at improving the quality of training of students completing implementation of the learning process of the basic principles of the Bologna process , the transition to teaching for credit-modular system of educational process in the dental and pharmaceutical departments.

Continuing to establish close relationships with leading foreign universities akin profile. Due to international travel grants committed employees in foreign universities in terms of preparation for the implementation of the Bologna process. Actively expands the range of training specialists for foreign countries.

Due to the significant increase in the role of students’ independent work , considerable attention is paid to the conditions for extracurricular student work in libraries, computer rooms , the departments and improving pedagogical methods of teaching.

Training department , deans and chairs prepared information packages for major specialties as part of the Bologna process and on the site of the University (

Continuing implementation of active learning and information technologies training. In the permanent seminar held business games with employees of departments of medical, dental and pharmaceutical departments on mastering the basics of credit- modular technology to learn.

Information and methodological support organized properly. The number of reading rooms – 6 , they have seats – 300. Documentary library collection as of 01.01.2011 . amounts to 393,473 copies . The university issued two professional journals in which researchers publish the results of university research projects included HAC of Ukraine to the list of special editions ” Galician drug Herald” and ” History of clinical medicine .”

For major scientific university ” Development of new technologies and standards of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of major diseases within randomized trials Evidentiary medicine ” is performed 77 complex research projects , including 4 of the GDR , financed from the state budget of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 20 – cathedral complex subjects , 23 – the economic and contractual research , 30 – in the international multicenter randomized trials, and more. In scientific work involved 80 doctors and 306 candidates of sciences of the 597 all scientific and pedagogical staff of the University.

In his scientific research practice university scientists commonly use the opportunity of scientific cooperation with universities , research institutions and hospitals both in Ukraine and abroad. In 2010, employees of the university were 53 participants in research projects with grants, participated in 67 international forums , exhibitions, internships and more. University scientists received 120 foreign and 40 Ukrainian grants for research and development .

In 2011, the University continues to work with 21 educational, scientific and medical institutions and 28 foreign medical institutions, among them the Central Research Institute of Stomatology Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow State Medical and Stomatological University Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, St Peterburskoyu pediatric medical academy of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Belarusian State medical University, Ministry of Health of Belarus , Belarusian State Institute for Postgraduate Education , Institute of medical Radiology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on the project ” Diagnosis and treatment of head and neck “, now “MEDGAL” ( Poland ), a research group and Western European companies to conduct multicenter , randomized , placebo- controlled studies and more.

The University pays special attention to the training of the teaching staff . In 2011, the reserved 2 doctoral and 18 master’s theses. The implementation of the 27 doctoral and 180 master’s theses.

The University two specialized scientific councils : Specialized Scientific Council with the right to doctoral and master’s theses : therapy , cardiology , gastroenterology , dentistry and specialized academic council for doctoral and master’s theses in the specialty ” histology , cytology , embryology .”

For years, the university established 10 research schools. 9 university staff have honorary titles of foreign institutions: the International Biographic Centre , Cambridge (UK), New York Academy of Sciences , the Academy of International Association flebolohiv and vascular surgeons in Germany, the European Respiratory Society (Switzerland), the European association of dentists , cytologists, radiologists , cardiologists .

The University also holds leading positions in the state according to the results of scientific work of students. Over the three-year period , students participated in 25 international and 56 nationwide and regional conferences , which awarded a diploma for the best reports 244 students. In profile competitions in individual subjects and nationwide competitions 38 students were winners of . Diplomas different degrees awarded 283 students.

The University also operates 3 ​​branches of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine , which is trained 45-60 year high school students of secondary schools in the city .

IFNMU is the basis of national student competitions anatomy, treatment and histology , cytology and embryology.

Educational work is carried out at the University in close cooperation with civil society and political organizations , namely unit at , Education , Congress of Ukrainian intellectuals, Executive Ukrainian Medical Association , trade union committees of workers and students, Medical Students Association . 52_big

At the center of culture and leisure students are groups of amateur ( amateur folk dance ensemble “Friendship”, rhythmic folk dance ” Art” , the vocal ensemble ” Accord” , the female vocal group “Constellation ” vocal – instrumental ensembles , instrumental trio ” Spanish Rhapsody ” , groups of recitation, KVN , soloists and more.

In terms of total number of amateur groups , art groups , Stem , KVN and the total number of activities carried out by their university occupies a leading position in the ranking among universities in Ukraine .

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